dylan ray arnold


PORTFOLIO 2017-2023

Selected Projects

Deer ears a bit, 2022

Deeper Sleeper, 2022

The Golden Fang, 2022

The Touristes Tristes' International Pavillon, 2021

Variations on a theme, 2021

The Slow Business of Going, 2020

Nervous System(s), snooz(in9), 2020

Paste of Time, 2020 book published by Rooftop Press

Springtears absorbed in, 2019

Be Sure to Collect All Your Longings and Let me Crash on Your Shore, 2019

Head & Shoulders, 2018

Touristes Tristes, 2017

Springfling, 2017

Souvenirs from Rönnbacka and Other Arguments, 2017




dylan lives in Helsinki, Finland

contact : dylanrayarnold.studio(at)gmail.com

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